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Pre-Conference Focus Day | 8 September 2020
Main Conference 9-10 September 2020

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Progressive DCX: In The Decade of The Connected Customer

2020 is gearing up to be the year where ambitious brands reinvent themselves through transformation of organisational culture and practices that create more personalised value-based relationships, whilst being transparent with customers to gain their long-term trust and loyalty.

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Five Ways AI is Changing Customer Service

AI is transforming the customer service profession. Gartner predicts that 15% of all customer service interactions will be handled using AI by 2021. That means half of all enterprises could be spending more on AI than traditional mobile within two years.

To discover how business leaders are preparing for this shift, we interviewed 100 Chief Customer Officers and Chief Experience Officers. In the process, we uncovered five clear ways that AI and bots are changing the way businesses think about customer service.

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Achieving the right mix of customer experience improvements, financial outcomes and future proofing customer service is no easy feat – but leaders can reap the rewards of being able to accomplish this. 

we’ve asked C-level executives about the five core categories our experts identified as key to a successful customer service operation. 

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the future of cus

Our new survey of customer experience leaders highlights some clear trends, around the future of customer care.

Some 66% of customers who switch brands do so because they’ve experienced poor service, according to a recent survey. In today’s hyper-connected world of customized, real-time interactions, instant, responsive feedback and agile, omni-channel experiences, customers expect even better service than ever.

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Most business leaders today understand that providing a great customer care experience has a substantial impact when it comes to customer retention and increased revenue. Nevertheless, the majority of companies still look at their customer care operations as an unnecessary cost to the business that needs to be minimized or eliminated all together. 

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